Petrochemical Industry 

There is a big demands of titanium tubes, stainless steel pipes, carbon alloy steel pipes etc in petrochemical industry in past few years and in the future. Our many precision tubes are used in boiler tubes, fluid, heat air exchanger and transfe pipes, heat exchanger tubes etc subject to their high strength, resistance to stress, good resistance corrosion and efficiency to protect equipments in good condition.


Aerospace Industry 

Tubes and pipes system are essential in areospace industry including air entrainment, hydraulic pipings, fuel tubes and so on, tubing is like as bleeding of body, decide aircraft performance, many different kinds of tubes and pipes in materials similar to tunnels in aircraft to maintain good operations, titanium alloy tubes have been widely used in aerospace and titanium strength, anti-corrosion, steady is excellent in industrial application and sports in bike frame, Titanium Materials is reconginized a special material in common.  


Heat Exchanger  

Stainless Steel Tubes as important parts of heat exchanger, are usually insert to position in tubesheet of heat exchanger equipments for transfer and exchanger heat and energy. Considering thin thickness and good cooling, heating exchanger efficiency data, austenitic stainless steel pipes, super duplex stainless steel tubes, ferritic stainless steel pipes, martensitic stainless steel pipes and austenitic stainless steel tubes are always widely applied in heat exchanger industry.


Chemical Industry 

It is important for chemical industry in wordwide economy development, meanwhile, it calls basic industry and pillar industry. Tubes, Pipes in ideal materials applied to the application of chemical industry, such as seamless Steel tubes, seamless stainless steel pipes, nickel alloy tubes, carbon alloy pipes. These tubes in surface finished, high strength, easily machined, comprehensive properity in total is better than welded tubes, could be well used for decades.


Offershore and Energy Engineering

Resistance heat temperature, resistance high pressure, resistance corrosion are factors for high precision tubes to equipped to drilling paltform. Seamless alloy steel tubes are widely applied to drilling environment, Material of P11, P22, P91 as alloy steel pipes is in preferred in customers' determination and evaluation for applications in energy industry. 

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