Facility and Testing

In order to improve quality of finished products, Hyde is doing best to fabricate goods in better and strict production management by CRM system, and our technicians are checking raw material before manufacturing to ensure quality first. 

Quality advantages:

Inspection control point: ▪Re-testing chemical analysis ▪mechanical properties inspection ▪surface quality and size etc ▪MTC EN10204/3.1 and TPI EN10204/3.2

Heat treatment control point: ▪heating temperature ▪keeping time ▪automatic temperature recording

Mechanical and chemical control point: ▪analysis of finished products ▪tensile strength, yield strength and elongation ▪flattening ▪flaring or bending test ▪hardness ▪impact test ▪IGC(intergranular corrosion) ▪metallographic examination (grain size)

NDT(non destructive test): ▪ET (eddy current test), electromagnetic testing ▪UT (ultrasonic testing) ▪hydrostatic test ▪x ray inspection ▪PT (penetration test) ▪ industrial endoscope inspection




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